How I Went from Working at a Brain Center to Full-Time Real Estate Agent

I was sitting in traffic on the I5, heading home from work in La Jolla to my apartment in Downtown San Diego, crying… all while trying not to rear-end the person in front of me, upset about my job, unsure about my future, and just angry about being in horrible traffic.

I decided then I had to make a change – I was going to do something with my life that was going to make me happy and help other people at the same time. For the longest time I believed I was going to find that by working in Healthcare. Needless to say, it takes very special & unique individuals to work with patients with severe brain injuries and Alzheimer’s disease. The job I worked out of college at a traumatic brain injury diagnostic & treatment clinic in San Diego took an emotional toll on me that was more than I could have expected.

In my car that day, completely distressed, emotionally exhausted, and stuck in traffic, I decided to go against everything I had gone to school for, all the things I had been planning out for my career, and make a complete 180 degree life turn.

A month later I moved back home to Colorado and enrolled in a class to get my Real Estate Broker’s license. Since the day I started that class, I have never looked back.

I decided to call all the friends and family I knew who were somehow involved in the real estate industry and ask for their advice. The more I talked to them and got a better idea of what this career could be like for me, the more interested and invested I became.

I got in touch with Jackie Garcia, who I knew was one of the most successful agents in Denver, and she agreed to meet with me for coffee. She proposed I should first start out by assisting her… Knowing I could just as easily activate my license, hit the ground running and presumably make a little more money initially, I was hesitant to take a role merely as an assistant. But I trusted Jackie, and it was one of the best career decisions I have ever made.

By assisting Jackie, I didn’t jump head first into an industry without any idea of how the business worked; I was able to learn the ropes first-hand from a seasoned and successful agent. I was Jackie’s shadow, watching and listening to how she communicated with clients and how she sold some of the most beautiful, luxury homes I had seen in Denver. All the while, I made it a priority to take classes, read as much as I could about how to become successful in this business, and six months later I joined Jackie’s Team at RE/MAX Professionals.

Since starting out as an assistant and then developing my own career out of that foundation, I have helped sell millions of dollars worth of Real Estate, built a network of people who help me succeed, and grown in the way I relate to people professionally and personally.

I feel lucky to have found a career that I love. Work doesn’t feel like work, it makes me happy every day and I am able to meet people I never would have before. I get to help young families find new homes and start their lives, and older couples sell their home of 30 years. Buying and selling a home is such emotional experience, which is why I focus on building relationships with my clients that last far past the closing date.

It’s crazy to think about all the plans you make and the steps you think you are taking down a certain path, then to realize that path you were on was leading you in a completely different direction. That is exactly what happened to me, but I feel as though the universe constantly keeps giving me signs that I’m right where I am supposed to be, and there is no better feeling than that.